Opioid Crisis, Open Borders, Sanctuary Cities


The United States of America’s problem with opioid deaths, mostly due to the increase in fentanyl/heroin use, is directly related to the lack of border security and unconstitutional sanctuary city policies pursued by Democrat politicians.

Most of the heroin brought to the United States comes from South America through Mexico ( http://www.businessinsider.com/heroin-in-the-us-from-mexico-and-afghanistan-2016-3 ). During the tenure of the Obama Administration,  heroin deaths in the United States of America increased as much as 700 percent   https://www.drugabuse.gov/related-topics/trends-statistics/overdose-death-rates 

The administration of President Obama pursued an open borders mass migration policy,  which resulted in one of the greatest tragic periods in our nation’s history as thousand of our nation’s citizens become addicted to and overdose on heroin.

Open borders have allowed the Mexican Cartels to build complex and extensive networks to distribute heroin into every city and township in the United States of America.    From the large sanctuary metro areas around the United States, the Mexican cartel drug networks can distribute heroin to all population centers in the United States. Sanctuary City policies in the United States provide protection for those who work for the cartels because Mexican cartel workers know that they will not be not be deported for their illegal immigration status when incarcerated for other violations of the law. 


To help stop heroin addiction and overdose in our country, we need to build the wall and end the unconstitutional sanctuary city policies established by Democrat politicians who run most of our nation’s large city governments.